Aaron Carter’s Fiancée, Melanie, to Honor Him During Christmas with Son

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Aaron Carter
Fiancee Melanie will Honor Him …
Christmas with Son

12/24/2022 3: 00 PM PT

Aaron Carter‘s memory will be honored this holiday season — thanks to his fiancee, Melanie Martin, who’s keeping his spirit alive with a number of tributes as Christmas fast approaches.

Sources close Melanie tell TMZ that she is still grieving the loss of her husband and that this Christmas without him will be very difficult. This is especially because last year was filled with joy as they spent time with their son.

We’re told that Melanie will pay tribute to her father in many different ways over the holiday, including gifts, decorations, and even a homemade meal.

We’re told that Melanie has created a scrapbook with photos of Aaron, her and their child… which will be placed under her tree. Speaking of presents, she also got something for young Prince — with AC in mind.

It is a child-sized dirtbike that Melanie gave to Prince in the early part of this year. It also has a direct connection to Aaron, who loved to ride. According to our sources, Melanie believes Aaron would have given Prince something similar at some point. So now is the best time.

We also hear that Melanie was given a special ornament in honor Aaron. It is a wing-shaped trinket that has Aaron’s name engraved on.

There’s also the matter food, which Aaron was known to be a big fan of around this time of year. In 2021, our sources say he cooked up a feast for Melanie and her family — which included Kobe beef … so this year, we’re told, she’s preparing a similar meal as a tribute.

As we reported … Melanie has been able to regain custody of Prince in the wake of Aaron’s sudden passing — and it sounds like she’s doing everything she can to cope with his loss.

He was 34.


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