Aaron Carter’s Fiancé Moves Her Stuff Out of His Home, Cops Called to Keep Peace

Aaron Carter's Fiancé Moves Her Stuff Out of His Home, Cops Called to Keep Peace thumbnail

Aaron Carter
Fiance Moves His Stuff Out Of His Home …
Cops Called to Keep Peace

11/8/2022 5: 51 PM PT

Aaron Carter‘s home is bustling with activity a few days after his sudden death — his fiance is moving her stuff out, and deputies are there too.

Law enforcement source tells TMZ… a woman called L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies Tuesday afternoon to the home of the late singer, and told them she wanted them to “keep peace” while she retrieved her belongings.

A couple moving trucks are parked outside Aaron’s home in Lancaster, CA … and his fiance, Melanie Martin, was pictured opening the front door, wearing a hoodie.

Our sources say police arrived at the property 10 minutes after the call came in, with cops keeping an eye on things while the moving process unfolded.

It’s not clear why Melanie felt that she needed law enforcement to keep things calm… but it seems that a few other people were helping her pack.

Aaron had an in-house housekeeper. However, we don’t know if they were there while Melanie was getting her stuff. We don’t know if anyone else lived there with him.

Law enforcement says no crimes were committed at the house, and deputies consider this a civil matter. All the cops have left Aaron’s house, according to law enforcement.

TMZ broke the story … Aaron was found dead Saturday in a bathtub in the house. The official cause of his death has been delayed pending toxicology results.

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